Welcome to PVI Hydroforming

PVI Hydroforming AB is a part of PVI Industries AB.
The company is in Vansbro, Sweden. An area with long tradition since 1899 of high technical steel manufacturing.

The business idea of PVI is to offer customers optimal forming solutions in sheet and tube material. PVI has good know-how in hydroforming, deep drawing, pressing, punching, 3D laser cutting and laser welding. This gives us the possibility to create optimal production solutions for every item.

PVI has its own tooling design and tooling production.

PVI have the capacity to produce tubes of our own (optimal blanks for hydroforming), achieve optimal performance out of the material and short delivery times.

Our ambition is to be in the front of technology and developing projects together with universities and international companies.

We have high volume production to several larger automotive and industrial companies in Europe and north Americas.

PVI has the possibility to implement new products fast based on a stabile financier, good access to skilled workers and good access to factory space.

PVI Industries
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