PVI Hydroforming has a long experience of forming various types of metals.Hydroforming is the core and culture of the Company, back in 2002 the first machines were invented, designed, assembled and taken into production 2006. In-house knowledge is our strength, and the journey continues.


  • Makes the impossible possible by advanced geometries
  • One piece product - Reduction of welding seems
  • Surface quality – No tools that grip the material from outside or inside
  • Dimension control and repetitiveness – Within 0.05 mm every time
  • Strength in part – Stiffer material after hydroforming

3D Laser cutting

A method that allows to cut holes of any shape, create beveled edges in tubing walls, form “fish mouth” ends on round tubing, and perform other high-precision cutting.

Laser welding

A precise process of fusing metal parts using a beam of laser light. It has numerous applications across the industries, particularly in the automation of small-component welding, where tight control means there’s no need for cleanup. This is most useful in the automotive, aerospace, and electronics sectors, where precision and efficiency are the biggest driving factors.

Tool manufacturing

Production of tools for optimal control and know-how for our processes. Tool manufacturing is also available for customers upon request.

Hydraulic Pressing

Pressing is frequently used and combined with the other processes for a complete product or as a stand-alone process.

Advanced simulation tools and CAD/CAM

Software's are used to optimize the products and processes for a cost-efficient solution. All Hydroforming is simulated with material specifications in place for fast and accurate service.

Measurement and control (CMM)

In production, a wide variety of components are worked with every day. The demands on performance and quality are becoming higher and higher. Coordinate measuring machines are ideal for measuring workpieces precisely.